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  • Step 1 – Site Audit
  • Step 2 – Paperwork & Installation Date
  • Step 3 – Distributor Connection
  • Step 4 – Installation
  • Step 5 – Independent Government Inspection & Grid Connection
  • Step 6 - Monitoring
Arrange an obligation free consultation with one of our experts to discuss your options. In this meeting we will establish the size, cost and location of your solution and also outline the rebates and incentives available to you. All we are here to do is assess your suitability for solar and provide you with the best return on investment possible, all its going to cost you to find out is a cup of tea!
After your site audit we will provide you a proposal for signing. This document will detail everything you have agreed upon and need to know about installation including, but not limited to product models, quantities, warranties, cost, system size payment method & government rebates. You will also be provided your installation date of when you can expect to have your system installed subject to distributor approvals and engineering (see Step 3). The agreement is prepared in accordance with our privacy policy and the governing body of the Australian solar industry, the Clean Energy Council and also Australian Consumer Law ensuring your full protection as a consumer.
Every solar system installed needs to have distributor approval prior to us installing the system. This step is carried out by us and is usually completed within 5 days of your proposal being signed.
On the day of installation, our team will attend your site with all materials and equipment required for installation. All installers are fully licensed and accredited to ensure the highest possible standards and compliance are met. Please ensure they have easy and clear access to the required work areas including roof and ceiling access points, and any other sites identified on the day. Please do not switch the system on until your metering installation is completed.
Grid Connection processes vary from state to state, but don’t worry, we will handle every part of this process. Before you can connect your solar panels to the electrical grid and turn your system on, an independent electrical inspector will need to inspect the system to ensure its safety and compliance. This is standard practice for all of our installations to ensure that you have peace of mind that the electrical wiring was properly distributed, mounting was appropriately attached and the overall install meets standard electrical and roof setback codes. After the inspection the inspector will turn the system on. Following this inspection, your electricity meter will be re-programmed (remotely) to ensure your solar system can send unused power back to the electricity grid that may will receive credits for on your power bill.
You will be provided with instructions on how to monitor your solar system all from the comfort of your mobile, tablet or laptop. You will be able to view what your system produced yesterday, last week, last month, last year.

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